Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The big day of 21

The 21st birthday is a celebration like no other in the United States. Mine included someone lighting my shirt on fire, another person sneaking a splash of Purell into my drink, and a few other incidents which ultimately led to my head being shaved. Sometimes things don't quite go as planned, but as long as no one becomes seriously ill, it's good times all around. This weekend is a rarety, as Justin Ito Adler turns 21 Thursday and will celebrate on Friday, and Julia Leroux-Lindsey follows suit on Saturday.

So the weekend will be fun, no question about it, and it got me to thinkin', who are the great 21's of all time? Not people who were uncharacteristically successful at age 21, but rather people who donned the number itself. We're talking the athletes who made 21 important, and believe me, there are many, from the great Roberto Clemente to the royal dickhead himself, and everything in between (additional stars here, here and here*)

Of course, the whole point of the 21st birthday is to be legally able to drink. John Mayer recently posted some comments on his blog regarding underage drinking, which apparently is quite popular at his concerts (who knew?). I got a good laugh out of those quips. I have now completely lost my train of thought. Enter abrupt ending: Here.

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