Monday, July 30, 2007

General News

First is the important news: So KG becoming a Celtic is apparently imminent (Article). Once again, when the papers are signed, I will believe it. Until then, Danny Ainge is still a doofus. Of course, I have no apprehension about this. If the trade goes down, we have a starting line up that includes three of the premier players in the game. And if you say that Paul Pierce isn't a top tier player, then I have a bone to pick with you. If it doesn't, the C's are still probably a playoff team.

Speaking of the Truth, last summer I went to a Modell's and found that they were selling Pierce jerseys for extremely cheap. My conclusion is that they were trying to clear out the Reebok C's jerseys for the new Adidas ones which include the clover above the player's last name (Link). I'm a bit of a purist, so I don't mind missing that detail at all. Of course, I will now contradict myself and announce that I went with the C's alternate jersey.

The weird thing about this is that Adidas owns Reebok, so why even change who does the NBA's jerseys? I guess they've remained relatively separate, as Reebok has kept the NFL and Boston College, and Adidas has kept all of its schools (Wisconsin, Tennessee, UCLA, etc). Also, when they switched the NBA's jerseys they had a fire sale of the Reebok "Hardwood Classics" collection. The interesting thing about these jerseys are that they're just like the Mitchell and Ness versions with two differences that I can notice: First, the Mitchell and Ness versions appear to be solid polyester, whereas the Reebok ones are mesh. Second, the Reebok ones suffer from what the great Paul Lukas refers to as "logo creep". So I picked up a Bill Russell jersey (which on the M&N website was then listed at $220) and put green dye over the Reebok logo. Overall I'm fairly satisfied with my purchase.
The rest of the collection isn't phenomenal, but there are some high points. There is the Manu Ginobili Argentina jersey from the 2002 World Championships, the Julius Erving jersey from the 1971 UMass team, the Nick Collison Kansas jersey, the awful Boston University throwback, which I believe is supposed to be Tunji Awojobi, and a couple of screened on hoops jerseys. Also in other sports, a Norwich City jersey, a game worn UMass football jersey (from the 2004 season), and a Trot Nixon Red Sox alternate jersey which is now a J.D. Drew jersey.

Wow, got a bit sidetracked there. Let's move forward. I'm pleased to announce that in response to yesterday's article on the three next-gen consoles, Playstation 3 has announced it will be coming out with a new, exclusive franchise in collaboration with Rockstar Games. I still don't get the purpose of selling a console that costs the company $200 per unit, but I guess if they think they can make up the loss with their software it's all good. (Correction: I misspoke, it is certainly not "in response to" anything written on this blog but rather a decision made by Sony for their own reasons.) Plus if the PS3 really takes off, and the price of BluRay technology comes way down, I guess they could start turning a profit on the systems. Stay tuned.

Watch for tonight's Giants vs. Dodgers game. If you've been living in an underwater bubble for the past year, Barry Bonds will be going for home run number 755 tonight, which will tie him for the all-time record. Personally I'm nauseated by the idea that such a vicious cheater can hold such an esteemed record, but it looks inevitable. Hammerin' Hank, here's to you.

Hank of course will not be in attendance tonight, or any night for that matter, to see Bonds tie or break his record. He will not make any statement on his feelings about the record, and as he puts it, by making no statement is making a statement. Baseball has become the centerpiece of the steroid era, even though it may not be the most guilty (see: Tour de France), but that's because it's such an important sport. Major League Baseball has been around since the nineteenth century, and the idea that batting records set in the enhancement era will be as useless as pitching records from the dead ball era is just nauseating. It didn't have to happen.

But it did. Thanks Barry, think of all of us when you cross home plate after 755 and point to God.

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