Monday, July 30, 2007

Halo 3, Metroid Prime 3, and GTA IV

I'm not a video game maniac. I swear, I'm not. I didn't wait in line to get a Wii (and still don't own one), I never had a sixth generation console, and I only bought the Xbox 360 on a whim last winter. That being said, I'm excited about the software that is going to be coming out between now and the end of 2007. Being an Xbox owner, I'm especially pumped for Halo 3. So long as my console doesn't succumb to the Red Ring of Death in the meantime, I'll probably pick up a game as soon as the initial craze dies down a little.

Also looking pretty sweet is the new Metroid Prime game, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This, of course, is only on the Wii and looks like it will give the Master Chief a run for his money. This one debuts in August (whereas Halo is in September). Playstation3 doesn't exactly have a franchise game to compete with these two. There's Grand Theft Auto IV, but that will also be available on the Xbox. Sony probably would've been wise to fork over the extra dough to Rockstar Games to get the exclusive rights, but their loss is my gain.

Previews of these games are everywhere, and I highly encourage people to look into them. The premium on getting a Wii is pretty much nothing at this point (they were going for $500 on eBay a few months ago, now you can snag them for only slightly more than their $250 retail). So get out and game; but don't sit too close to the TV playing on your new system. Otherwise, you end up looking like this:

More to come about these games as the release dates approach. Also, nice move by Nintendo in getting the Rockstar game Table Tennis on Wii, those two were meant for each other. Also, would someone give Square Enix a good kick in the ass please? Thank you.

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