Monday, July 30, 2007

How cool is your school? Not very.

Visiting people at other colleges is always fun. I've had the pleasure of making trips to the University of Virginia, Syracuse University, Northwestern University, Bowdoin College, Skidmore College, NYU, and Boston University, as well as some less party-oriented ventures to a few others. The verdict is pretty simple: If you're incapable of having a good time on a college campus in the United States, you probably just suck at life (BYU, the military academies, and the University of Wyoming not included).

However, some schools party just a little bit harder than others. For instance, the two nights I spent at UVA were two of the funnest nights I've had in the past several years. I had a similar blast at Bowdoin, Syracuse and NYU. Northwestern, Skidmore and BU offered a slightly less intense time. No offense to Dan Lawner, David Schwimmer, Mike Wilbon, Noah Herron, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Charlton Heston, but at Northwestern the parties did seem to end a bit on the early side, and for the most intense party day of the year (Dillo Day), there was very little debauchery from the students. Similar arguments against Skimore and BU.

On tap this year are a few more: Hopefully we can make it out to Dartmouth, Trinity, Michigan and North Carolina. Where does your school rank? Well, if you go to Texas, pretty high. If you go to MIT, not so much.

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