Monday, July 30, 2007

It doesn't really take "5ive"

So rumor has it that Mr. Kevin Garnett, aka "The Big Ticket", aka "KG", aka "The Kid" or "The Kid Who Changed the Game", is headed to Boston, and man are Celtics fans excited.

Wait a minute... this sounds awful familiar. Were there ever rumors in the past about Garnett becoming a Celtic? Oh yeah, way back in June. Sorry, it's been so long and there are so many $20 million big men potentially landing in Boston, it's hard to keep track.

Here's my gripe: Danny Ainge has done nothing in his tenure as GM of the Celtics to earn the faith of C's fans. He traded Antoine Walker, who had been the face of the franchise, for Raef LaFrentz, LaFrentz's bad knees, and LaFrentz's bad contract. Ultimately he took Antoine back, and put together a third-seed in the East, which then got embarrassed in game 7 of the first round by the Indiana Pacers. That's about as good as it's been under Ainge.

Frankly, if KG does in fact come to Boston, it will make the Celtics a solid team in the east. A 2-3-4 trio of Jesus Shuttlesworth, The Truth, and the Big Kid who Changed the Ticket will be tough for any team in the conference, and especially in the Atlantic Division to handle. Does it mortgage the future? Absolutely. Al Jefferson is a budding star and giving him up would hurt. However, we're sports fans, and we're impulsive and want to win now.

So Danny Ainge, if you can make this work, I shall eat my words, with a side of crow. Until then, however, you're still just my 83rd favorite Mormon in Greater Boston. Oh, and for chrissake, would you drop Sebastian Telfair already?

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