Friday, August 3, 2007

Akon, JJ Redick, and the rest of my least favorite people

I regularly learn new things on the morning commute to the office. Today, for example, I learned that Akon is from Dakar. In other breaking news, Akon still sucks. I also learned that Eddie Murphy knocked up Scary Spice. Now, that’s just hilarious for several reasons, but the idea of Scary Spice (I actually don’t even remember which one that was… I just know it isn’t the one who broke off first, or Beckham’s wife) having Eddie Murphy’s illegitimate baby is just freaking awesome. A brief snippet also came on 94.5, I’m sure as a joke, of the Shop Boyz song “Party Like a Rockstar”, only with “Lohan” in place of “Rockstar”. Very amusing stuff.

Also, I heard a rumor yesterday that General Motors is looking for possible suitors for the Corvette as well as the entire Cadillac line up. Something tells me that this isn’t true, at least not yet. Those are the two names GM would surrender last, especially because they are very important cars in the history of American automobiles. I’d be concerned if someone like BMW took control of the Corvette, because there would be too great an opportunity to change the look of it. The great thing about the ‘Vette is that it’s gone through such subtle changes since the Stingray. As for Cadillac, I could really care less. The CTS is nice I guess, but once Deval Patrick bought himself an Escalade, I lost all respect (for Democrats, and for Caddies).

This is very belated news, but as someone who was a Coke person for a very long time, I’m pleased to inform anyone who lives under a rock that Pepsi’s Aquafina label must now inform people that they are simply drinking tap water. I’d be happier about this, but frankly all bottled water is moronic. If you are someone who drinks copious quantities of Evian or Dasani, you’re probably the same idiot who likes Akon.

The Celtics have added Eddie House, who is another sharp shooting two guard, as well as Jackie Manuel. People will remember House from his days in Phoenix where he was basically a poor man’s Raja Bell. Manuel, on the other hand, is coming from the D-League, but I have to say I’m a big fan. He’s the modern day Adrian Griffin. He’ll put up points once I a while but you have him on your team because he’s a lock-down defender. People may remember how severely he shut down J.J. Redick on senior night at Cameron two years ago. Obviously this makes me a huge Manuel fan.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier in the week, tonight is the 21st birthday party of Justin Ito Adler. Though details are still being revealed, it seems likely that bratwurst will be served at the pregame party at the Ito Adler residence. Stay tuned for more on any of these developments.

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