Thursday, August 2, 2007

Beginnings, ends, and all that stuff in between

So I severely underestimated the gusto Danny Ainge would show in trading away all of his young talent (Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson, Gerald Green) for one of the best players of the last ten years. There has never before been a trade involving so many players going to a team in exchange for one superstar. Most importantly, it’s what both organizations needed. The Celtics have offered their fans a team that implies “we want to win now”, while the Timberwolves get to rebuild after things with KG clearly had reached a standstill. A starting five of Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins will be fun to watch in Boston, but so will Randy Foye, Rashad McCants, Ricky Davis, Al Jefferson and Mark Blount in Minneapolis.

Speaking of the Twin Cities, how sad is the story about this bridge collapsing. Generally Boston is the city with these sorts of issues (the tunnel of course is the first thing that comes to mind), but no place is immune, and the fact that as many as seventy people could be dead (the count as I’m writing this is nine with sixty or so still missing) is scary as hell. The Twins have postponed Thursday’s game, as they should, both for the problems the collapse will cause and due to the tragic nature of this incident.

And speaking of tragic: A belated but well deserved farewell to Bill Walsh. Walsh was a Super Bowl winning coach of the San Francisco 49ers, and also held the reins at Stanford University at two different points. Without this guy, college football wouldn’t have as many blowouts, and absurdly high scoring games would be few and far between. The father of the west coast offense and the man known in the football world as “the genius” will be missed.

In baseball, the Red Sox acquired Eric Gagne for, among others, Kason Gabbard. I have very mixed feelings about this move, though after the announcements that Curt Schilling is coming back to the starting rotation, and Brandon Donnelly is out for the season, picking up a solid reliever makes a bit more sense. Nonetheless, it’s tough to see a solid, young left handed pitching prospect like Gabbard go. Much like the Celtics, the Sox are clearly in a “win now” state of mind.

And I’m pleased to report that after an extremely productive and absolutely exhausting day in Amherst, I am back in Boston where I will be giving updates throughout the day as random things unfold. If anything regarding Xbox 360, the Boston Celtics, UMass or Genarlow Wilson happens, I’ll be on it. So stay tuned.

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