Friday, August 10, 2007

Halo 3 looks awesome

Halo 3 is single-handedly saving Microsoft’s ass on the Xbox 360. Preorders are now up over the 1 million mark. Considering that the game ranges from $60 (standard edition) to $130 (legendary edition), that’s a lot of green coming to a company that just set aside 1.15 billion Washingtons to cover hardware problems on existing consoles. Check out all this info on how much cross-promoting is going on with this system. I haven’t seen anything like this since the Jurassic Park craze of 1993. Also, how crazy is it that Microsoft, instead of suggesting that this release will rival with that of other game franchises (such as, say, Metroid Prime), is going up against major cinematic releases. They’re cocky, but they’re backing it up. Speaking of games, I’ve decided I’m going to write reviews for some of the games I’ve played all the way through starting next week. Stay tuned for that.
Paul Lukas’ Uni Watch blog has had an interesting set of forum posts today. After people began raving over the hidden arrow between the E and the X in FedEx, some astute poster named John (hint hint) mentioned that this isn’t the only instance where negative space is used to show something.
I wasn’t going to write anything on this, simply because it didn’t seem worthy of note, but my friend Matt feels otherwise. So here it is: Butch McRae and Neon Bodeaux, who are most famous for their upset win Bob Knight’s then-#1 Indiana team in 1994, are being reunited in Miami. In terms that non-sports-movie-fanatics will understand: Penny Hardaway is coming out of retirement and he and Shaq will be together on the Heat. The two made the NBA finals in 1995 and the Eastern finals in ’96. In both cases, however, they were swept.
Speaking of a clean sweep, that’s what UConn football can look forward to this September. I might even go as far as to say that UConn has an easier schedule (toughest game is at Pittsburgh) than UMass (at Boston College) through the first month. Let’s ponder the first three games, shall we? At Duke, vs. Maine, vs. Temple. Wow, guys; a 1-AA team and arguably the two worst programs in major college football. Nice.
As for college football sleepers, which seems to be the trendy thing to talk about, I’m going with Georgia Tech. The Wramblin’ Wreck started 9-2 last year, then finished 0-3. First of all, since when do college football teams play 14 games? But I digress. The reason I’m taking GT is the following: Even though Calvin Johnson is gone, the rest of the offense is pretty much in tact. Tashard Choice could put up 1800 yards this year if he’s healthy, and Reggie Ball is gone. Ball may have been the worst quarterback of all time. We’re talking about a guy who threw the ball out of bounds intentionally on fourth down in a do-or-die situation against Georgia a couple years back. Last year he was 135 for 304 passing before getting booted from the program prior to the Gator Bowl. Man, what a terrible career. And speaking of terrible, how the hell did an Iowa team loaded with talent go 6-7 last year? Pathetic. And on an awesome note: Boise State and Oregon are discussing playing a game in China in the future. It would be quite awesome if I do say so myself, and those are two reasonably high profile programs, so people would probably watch. Alright, that’s all for now. Reminder; posts will be very limited over the weekend barring anything crazy happening.

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