Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday Wrap

I know I’ve been prone to take some cheap shots at Mitt Romney and Danny Ainge for their religious affiliation, but no one wishes this upon other human beings. I have a good feeling about it though. After reading various reports on this story, I am confident that these miners will be tracked down and rescued. As of this morning, eight people from the I-35 bridge collapse in the Twin Cities were still missing. Not as good a feeling about that one, but we can hope.

In a much lighter-hearted story, a young lady named Michelle Madigan was trying to steal some footage at the Defcon conference for Dateline. This didn’t work out so well and now she probably won’t be able to use her Internet for about 9 years. Read all about this one here. See this is why journalists suck; if she hadn’t made a fuss about her credentials, they probably wouldn’t have figured it out. Though, as others have pointed out, the guys at a place like Defcon have eyes and ears everywhere.

I mentioned Rayman Raving Rabbids in my earlier piece today. Turns out that the folks at Ubi Soft (a company I have a ton of respect for and I see nothing wrong with this decision even as an Xbox 360 owner) have decided to make the sequel an exclusive for Nintendo. This means that the Wii will be the only console to get the game, and it may or may also not be put on the DS. You may not know it, but you’re very familiar with Ubi Soft. They make the first person/third person Tom Clancy games (Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six) as well as the Far Cry series and obviously the Rayman games. Check out their website and notice how hard they’re pushing TMNT. Not surprising, seeing as that may be the least enjoyable game in the history of the world.

In other news I caught the premier of Sox Appeal on NESN. I really believed that television could get no worse than “Bonds on Bonds”. Well, at least not sports television. Guess what; Sox Appeal is not only below Bonds on Bonds, but it is on par with all of the nonsensical crap on MTV these days. It could make a man go blind. In fact, I’m blacking out right now. Stay tuned.

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