Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Nats, the C's, and the Zoo

There’s one number listed in the baseball standings that some people might find a bit random. It’s the “L10” or “last 10 games” record. It comes right next to the “streak” number, so just in case you’re too incompetent to tell whether a team is hot or not, you get two chances to interpret these numbers. I went on ESPN and checked the standings throughout baseball today and two my surprise; guess who the two hottest teams in baseball (each 8-2 in the last 10) are? Well, if you guessed the Yankees (obvious) and Nationals (what?!) you’re absolutely right! The Nats have won 8 of 10 including winning at AT&T Park last night amidst Barry Bonds’ feat. What feat? Well, rubbing Icy Hot all over Bud Selig’s manhood (or lack thereof) of course.

What does this all mean? Well, very little actually. It means that the Nationals, who are still in last place, were pretty damn far back two weeks ago. It also means that the Yankees, who were 12 games back of the Sox last month, are now within five games of first place in the AL East and leading the AL Wild Card. Throw in A-Rod hitting his 500th and Roger Clemens winning ballgames, and I might just have to jump out a 12th floor window.

This is too depressing; let’s move on to Celtics news. The C’s signed veteran center Scott Pollard to the veteran exception yesterday. Pollard will apparently receive around $1.5 million instead of the $2.2 million called for in his current contract. With the help of Pollard’s exception as well as Leon Powe’s $432,000 contract, the Celtics’ payroll currently stands at $59.2 million, and may leave open the possibility of adding one more free agent. This is pretty amazing; especially for a team that now has the highest paid trio of any team in the NBA. Also, apparently my boy Allan Ray is headed to the D-League. Poor guy; first Karl Krauser knocks his eye out, then he misses out on the chance to play with Jesus Shuttlesworth and KG.

Also, since Kentucky bought out their game at the Garden (because they’re petrified of having to play at UMass), and UConn will no longer play us (61-59, fellas), UMass is looking for another high-level opponent to face this season. So far we’re going to play Boston College, Syracuse and Vanderbilt, all on the road. Hell, I’d even settle for a home-and-home with another SEC school. Come on, Bruce Pearl. What’dya say?

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