Friday, August 10, 2007

The radio is a fun, fun place.

So depending on whether or not you listen to Jam’n 94.5 in Boston, you may or may not have heard about this Beyonce concert promo they’ve been doing. Basically they take callers and give them tickets to the concert, and eventually when they’ve given away all their tickets they call back one of the winners and announce that they’ve won the grand prize. Said prize is a swap of the balcony seats they had won for two front row seats, as well as backstage passes to meet Beyonce who will then give the winner the keys to a new Mercedes (though they fail to mention the model, so I’m guessing it’s a 2007 C230 or something). Well, today they made the announcement, and I’m not sure I’ve heard a person this excited since Opie and Anthony pretended to give someone $100,000 (which wound up being a “100 Grand” candy bar). It was quality stuff.
Also from 94.5 this morning, apparently someone got stupid at another concert and threw an empty cup or bottle at The Game. As you’ll recall, someone recently threw a sheet of paper at Akon during a concert, which didn’t end well for the thrower. This time, rather than having the artist throw the guilty party off the stage; the fans around this man simply beat the shnikies out of him. Also, The Game went completely ballistic on a profanity laced tirade about how if anyone else wanted to hit him with something, they should come to the stage so that he could break their neck. Worthy of note is that 94.5 did an absolutely atrocious job of censoring the language in this.
I can’t escape without making a confession. Have you ever watched a TV show and chastised it ruthlessly for being lame, only to come back and watch it again the next week? Well, I’m guilty of such an action. I ripped into NESN for their attempt at a dating show, and I think it was pretty valid. Yet, last night I found myself watching all 30 minutes of episode 2. However, I fell that I have a pretty good excuse here. Turning the TV to NESN just to see what’s on is perfectly acceptable. And can you blame me for keeping it on when the guy going on the three “blind dates” was the person in charge of my orientation group at UMass in 2004? Hell no. This was absolutely hilarious. His name is Amar, but in July of ’04 I believe he went by something along the lines of “Sovereign of Spire”. That means nothing to you if you don’t go to school in Amherst.
And a belated happy birthday to my friend Casey. She turned 21 last night and we hit up Watch City Brewing Company for dinner. I have to say, the Carne Asada was extremely disappointing, but they sure do make a mean stout. Peace out. See what I did there? Rhyming is for champions.

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