Monday, August 20, 2007

A really super duper sincere apology

Okay, so due to public outrage, I hereby retire as someone who will ever mention anything about soccer. Admittedly uneducated on the subject, I took a few shots at MLS and specifically a few franchises that are currently losing money, such as the New England Revolution. Apparently there are more MLS fans who read this blog (six vehemently opposed the entry in the comments section) than there are in the Greater Boston area.
So in summary: You cats are right, the Houston Dynamo is a sweet name. Gillette Stadium is a great setting for a soccer game. The Colorado Rapids could totally take Chelsea. And finally, but most importantly, the LA Galaxy didn’t have to pay a British guy 250 million bucks to help MLS make the sport popular in the U.S., they just felt like supporting a former Spice Girl.
That’s it. From now on, just gridiron football, hoopla, maybe some baseball through October, video games, movies, and a few other random tidbits. That’s all I’m doing. Peace.

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