Monday, August 6, 2007

Recapping the weekend, and other stuff

Overall it was a good weekend. Justin turned 21, Julia turned 21, and I beat Halo 2. Also, the Red Sox won on Saturday and Sunday, and Tom Glavine, Alex Rodriguez, and Barry Bonds reached their coveted milestones. I have mixed feelings about all three, though in the case of Glavine only because I wanted to see the Cubs stay in first in the NL Central. In A-Rod’s case, I’m just not a fan of him personally. I think it’s the frosted tips. Obviously he’s the premier player in the American League and he’s given himself a good shot at catching Bonds. Speaking of Bonds, I just ate a really bad sandwich from D’Angelo’s.

The NFL also kicked off its preseason with the Hall of Fame game, where the Steelers played the Saints. I think the Steelers won, but I’m not sure because A: the game was on NFL Network and B: it’s the Hall of Fame game and no one cares. Once the Patriots take the field and score 93 points in their preseason opener, I’ll start gathering some interest.

Also, Rayman Raving Rabbids is now going for under 20 bucks at Best Buy. I probably should make the investment. I’m a little bit Haloed-out after beating Combat Evolved and H2 in the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, the games are fun as hell, but I don’t think it’s healthy to play that much of a traditional first person shooter over a short time span. A good dose of Tiger Woods and Rayman for the remainder of the summer and I’ll be all set. Oh and some Table Tennis and NCAA 2k6. Oh, wait. Someone stole those from my apartment. Awesome. In other video game news, GTA IV is being delayed several months (ouch) because Rockstar isn’t ready to support the game on Sony’s blu-ray-toting PS3 yet. Couldn’t they just bring us the Xbox 360 version as scheduled and have the PS3 one come out in the spring? No. Because Rockstar hates Microsoft.

Other important tidbits from the weekend include Lindsay Lohan heading to a rehab joint that sounds an awful lot like a spa. Plus, the NBA rolled out some very nice desktop wallpaper of the new Celtics stars. Jake Brown took one of the nastiest spills I've ever seen in any context and walked away. Keep an eye out for college football previews, as the Coaches Poll was announced at the end of last week. It’s almost here. More to come later.

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