Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Reggie Miller ain't the Knick Killer anymore

Okay, I'm a Reggie Miller guy. I had the jersey back when they wore the lowercase "Pacers" italic unis in the early 90's. But this is ridiculous. First of all, Reggie made an emotional speech after his "last game" against Detroit in 2005 where he noted that he would not make a comeback. Second, we already have two guys who just want to knock down threes. Third, he's forty-two years old. I mean, having Allen (32), Garnett (31) and Pierce (29) is one thing... but adding a 42 year old marksman is a bit superfluous. I’m going to rest on the assumption that this won’t happen because Reggie will realize that his ex-wife won't take him back if he returns to the NBA. Either that or his body just can’t take the abuse anymore.

Moving on to football, it looks like Duke’s powerhouse football program (20 game losing streak) will be missing their top defensive player. I’ve been reading previews of the season that say things like “look, Duke is really not far from turning the corner” and whatnot. Okay, look. This may be tough for some of you to understand, but there are some schools that parity just doesn’t apply to. For example: The day Baylor wins the Big XII championship is the day I (enter gruesome act here). This also applies to Duke; in fact, it probably applies more to Duke than to any other school in the country. Last year Wake Forest won the ACC and everyone made a huge deal of it. Hello people, Wake isn’t the perennial doormat of the conference, the boys from Durham are. Steve Spurrier actually gave the Dookies a vote in the coaches’ poll, but that was just out of gratitude to the school, not because he thinks they can play football. Rutgers winning the Big East obviously could happen, Vanderbilt could make a run once the SEC settles down a little, and we’ve seen Northwestern and Stanford both in the Rose Bowl in the last twelve years. Those are great accomplishments for the schools that usually represent the basement of their respective conferences, but Duke is different. It’s like a high school team playing in the AFC South. Not close. Oh, and on a side note: Did anyone realize that last year's K-State team managed only 3 points against Baylor, and dropped 45 on Texas? Seriously, look it up.

Also, Western Kentucky is showing off the renderings of their new stadium. It’s actually just their old stadium with some serious renovating, a good deal of which is being covered by external contributions. WKU will become a full Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision member in 2009 and they will be joining the Sun Belt Conference. Incredible how simple it all seems, right UMass?

On an unrelated note: Microsoft has made a few announcements about the Xbox 360. The $50 price drop isn’t the only change coming to the 20GB model, as they will be adding HDMI cables to the package. This means that the Halo 3 special edition console is now officially just a green version of the premium model with a $50 markup. Call me crazy, but paying $50 extra for an uglier version of Xbox seems like questionable decision making. That’s all for now. Hopefully the Sox get their you-know-what together tonight in Anaheim.

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