Monday, August 20, 2007

Superbad is Super-Freakin-Awesome

So now that UMass football has held its media day and all of the preseason polls have been released, I was going to devote my first entry of the week to the maroon & white. However, after seeing both Superbad and Knocked Up this weekend, I have to share my thoughts on each. Here is my initial statement, starting with Knockage: Knocked Up is a fun movie with a sweet storyline which gets a little bit too “real” at times and doesn’t provide much in the way of side-slitting laughter. Superbad is a hilarious movie which should lead to the FCC or whoever controls this to take American Pie off the shelves of every video store on the planet because it is now so superfluous it’s not even funny. How’s that for a run-on?
Seriously though, my friend Anthony told me that Knocked Up was the best comedy ever. Do you know what I think after seeing it this weekend? I need to get help for Anthony. I need to have him see a doctor. This is nuts. There are so many moments throughout that movie that you just want to scream at the characters in the movie because it frustrates you so much to see the mistakes everyone keeps making. The movie critic website hits the nail on the head by pointing out that there are some things the viewer likes about the main characters and some things they really hate about the main characters. Perhaps the funniest scene is one that was actually deleted from the movie, where the doctor delivering Allison’s (Katherine Heigl) baby has a mini meltdown – seen here. It’s a good movie, but there are just a lot of components that make it less comedic. I’d give it three stars out of five, but I’m critical of this stuff and if a girl wanted to go see it, I’d go again. Then again, if a girl wanted to go see Underdog, I’d probably go. Because I haven’t had much luck with the ladies, much like the boys in…
Superbad. The funniest movie I’ve seen while in college, hands down. Funnier than Wedding Crashers or Talladega Nights or 40 Year Old Virgin. This movie is the real deal. If you want to laugh your face off, go see this. I’m so tempted to drop about 50 one-liners from the movie it’s scary. I’ll refrain, but just know that I saw it on Friday night and my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard. I refuse to give any spoilers. Just go see the movie. Do it. Go now. Seriously. Five stars.
Update on UMass’s new unis and other stuff later today.

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