Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday Rundown: Fuck EA Sports

EA Sports has really let me down. I wrote earlier about how I have never been a big EA Sports guy, and today I was reminded why. I went down to Best Buy to see if there was any cool new stuff, mainly related to Xbox but I tend to look around pretty thoroughly. I came across the user guide for NCAA 08 and couldn’t help but flip through. Lo and behold, EA went all out with team descriptions for all schools (all 119 FBS programs and the selected FCS teams they’ve included). I found UMass’ section, and let’s just say I had plenty of beef with it. First of all, every single 1-AA program, including Montana, UMass and Appalachian State, has straight D minuses. Excuse me, but our lowly Championship Subdivision programs knocked off plenty ofbig guyslast year. Also, UMass gets one star for coach and one for program. Nonsense. Not to mention, our gamebreakers are RB #5 and SS #6 – as in Steve Baylark and Shannon James. Both of those kids are playing professionally now and the folks at EA just don’t care to update the 1-AA rosters. Pathetic. That being said, UMass could also remedy this problem by simply making the switch.
Apparently David Beckham won’t be in action against DC United tonight. So let’s get this straight, the LA Galaxy and MLS are paying a guy $250 million and all he’s done are a couple crappy promos so far? I mean, I know that contract is incentive based, but this is a bit pathetic. If the guy were on crutches I might be a bit more understanding, but you have a sore ankle and this isn’t the NFL. Put on your shin pads and go play. Of course, I guess that this sets him up nicely to make his debut in Foxboro, which would be interesting seeing how New England isn’t a very soccer-friendly region (as evidenced by the attendance at Revs games). He did, however, have plenty of time to have his picture taken at the Rogers Centre with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Yay, A-Rod and Becks, the two softest athletes this side of Sweden.
In other news, the Sox did a nice job of averting a sweep at the hands of Anaheim. Gotta love what Dustin Pedroia has done for this team. I have to admit, I wasn’t huge on the kid at the start of the year, but he can play. I’d go as far as to say he might be more of a budding superstar than his second base counterpart in New York (and no, I’m obviously not talking about Ruben Gotay).
Weekend’s almost here, and I can’t wait to get to the beach (see: sit in my basement and beat Halo 2 on hard). Should be a doozie.

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