Monday, August 20, 2007

UMass actually beat Florida

As promised, a tidbit on the unveiling of UMass’s new adidas football jerseys. The Minutemen changed the jerseys for all of their sports to adidas in 2005 with the exception of football and hockey, which had separate existing Nike contracts. Now that the contract has expired, the minutemen are wearing jerseys which are almost identical, but have three stripes instead of a swoosh. I have to admit that I’m a fan, especially because there is no longer the dumb loopy line under the back number (If I find a picture showing this I'll add it).
Unfortunate news today out of Virginia Tech, where two kids are in pretty rough shape after a carbon monoxide leak. This coming as students are just returning, having spent a summer reflecting on the shooting that occurred in the spring. Believe me; I’m not speaking in jest when I say this: Virginia Tech is developing a reputation as Tragic U. Fortunately the alumni we call “The Vick Family” is giving some comic relief.
Back to football, I recently saw a Boise State t-shirt which said the following: Boise State beat Oregon State, Oregon State beat USC, USC beat Arkansas, Arkansas beat Auburn, Auburn beat Florida. Therefore: Boise State, 2007 National Champions.
I like the logic here, as it implies that if you beat a team and they beat another, then it’s like you defeated both of those teams. Let’s take a look as how it works for boxing:
Lou Savarese beat Buster Douglas
Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson beat Trevor Berbick
Trevor Berbick beat Muhammad Ali
There you have it: Lou Savarese is simply the greatest. Of course there is a better way to look at this, and it’s back in college football:
UMass beat UNH
UNH beat Northwestern
Northwestern beat Illinois
Illinois beat Michigan State
State beat Pittsburgh
Pitt beat Cincinnati
Cincy beat Rutgers
Rutgers beat Louisville

Louisville beat Miami
Miami beat BC
BC beat Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech beat Wake Forest
Wake beat Ole Miss

Ole Miss beat Mississippi State
Miss State beat Alabama
Bama beat Hawaii
Hawaii beat Arizona State
ASU beat Washington

Washington beat UCLA
USC beat Arkansas
Arkansas beat Auburn
Auburn beat Florida
Therefore: UMass, 2007 National Champions.
Amazing, ain’t it?

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