Friday, August 3, 2007

Wramblin' Wreck and then some

Clearly I can’t help myself when it comes to finding random, interesting stuff online. So you can imagine how delighted I was to learn about the most lopsided contest in the history of college football. Apparently Cumberland University had a football program at the beginning of the 20th century which was competitive in the south with programs like Clemson and Alabama. However, they were forced to scrap the program in 1915, though contractual agreements required them to revive the program briefly in 1916. During that 1916 season, Cumberland’s squad took on Georgia Tech. Long story short, the Jackets won by a lot, and that story is here.

I mean, that’s pretty unbelievable. I’ve seen some serious blowouts in my day (West Virginia hanging 80 on Rutgers, Texas putting up 70 in the Big XII Championship), but that is something else. Apparently in the post-WWII era, the biggest shellacking in major college football came when Houston hung a hundred on Tulsa in the late 60’s. Pretty impressive stuff. Still, there have been games recently where we had to think about the possibility of a team reaching triple digits. In that 2005 title game where Texas had 70, they had all of those points before the mid-way point of the third quarter. Had they been going for it, 100 would have been a possibility. And Texas Tech’s high scoring team of 2006 put up 80 on Sam Houston State, leading quarterback Cody Hodges to admit he’d like to drop a century on their next opponent (TTU would have to settle for 63 against Indiana State).

However, an interesting blowout is only appealing in the sense that you can watch one of the teams and say “wow, those guys are in synch today”. It’s far less interesting than, say, an awesome upset. I don’t even need to go to the internet to know what the greatest upset in college sports history is. If you aren’t familiar with Chaminade, please educate yourself.

I will be making only a couple posts over the weekend unless something monumental happens. In other words, if Chauncey Billups and Dikembe Mutombo sign with the Celtics, I'll be on it.

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