Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Year 1 After JaMarcus (psst: who cares?)

Major college football begins its 139th season tomorrow, and unlike most seasons there will actually be some teams worth watching on the opening Thursday. Funny thing is, a lot of schools haven't started classes yet. I'm sure that will keep fans in Starkville, Mississippi from packing Davis-Wade Stadium to see MSU vs. LSU... Not. Okay, suddenly the new thing in the SEC is to have a conference game in August. It's never going to be a great game, but it will be one worth watching. I can't recall if it was last year or two years ago, but they started with South Carolina playing Miss. State when people were interested in seeing how the SC offense would look. This year we get a sneak peak at #2 LSU in year 1 A.J. (after JaMarcus).

Fortunately for fans of college football, that's only one of four games involving ranked teams on opening Thursday. Another involves a team I had a chance to watch very closely last fall, #16 Rutgers University hosting Buffalo. Yeah, that's the State University of New Jersey against the State University of New York. This one won't be close.The Big East has another ranked team, #10 Louisville against 1-AA doormat Murray State. How much of a pansy do you have to be to schedule a game like that? I mean, the guys played a home-and-home with Miami earlier in the decade, so I can't really say it's bush-league, but Murray State? Come on.

#24 Boise State is playing a similarly ridiculous game against Weber State. As Sports Illustrated once told us, "That's weeeeeeeber, with a long eeeeeeee". Ian Johnson is really all alone with this team, with Jared Zabransky, Jerard Rabb and Drisen James all gone. Boise and Rutgers somehow don't warrant any television coverage, while Tulsa and Louisiana-Monroe can be seen on ESPN2. This is why Disney should not run the biggest sports entity on the planet.

Because then we wind up with things like "The Bronx is Burning"

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