Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Quick Comment on Appalachian State vs. Michigan

Okay, so everyone's explanation for what happened in Ann Arbor yesterday is, "Lloyd Carr isn't producing, and Michigan was unprepared". I want to make sure that at least someone puts this in writing, so here it goes:

Appalachian State is a great football team. Armanti Edwards is a great football player. ASU won championships the last two years (and will probably do it again this year) because they are a good team, not because they're a 1-AA (or FCS) school. If they joined the ACC today, they would beat a handful of teams in that conference. If they played Michigan 5 times, would they more than once? No, they wouldn't. But it's no more absurd than a team from the MAC beating a team from the Big Ten. Those kids can play.

Everyone got it? Good.

Also, quick congrats to Clay Buchholz for his no hitter against Baltimore. Clay has big balls.

And UMass... awful performance against Holy Cross. 57 penalties and 12 turnovers. Fortunately they were playing a school from the Patriot League so everything is okay. BC in t-minus four weeks.

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