Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wofford? How about UMass

Know what the biggest upset last weekend was? Wofford College over Appalachian State. Hands down, no doubt about it -- anyone in 1-AA beating ASU this year is insane. That's how good the Mountaineers are. As you can imagine, I'm not done with my 1-AA ranting yet. But for now, on to this weekend's big games.

Games that look good but aren't:
#1 USC at Washington. I like Ty Willingham, and I like Washington, and I'd like him to be successful so that Notre Dame will feel stupid. However, this ain't happening.

Auburn at #3 Florida. This game, at the beginning of the year, had some serious hype. The Tigers were the only team to beat UF last year. However, this year they already have home losses to USF and a putrid Mississippi State team.

Games people should be talking about:
#6 Cal at #11 Oregon. The PAC10 will start to get some respect one way or another. If ABC shows some shitty ACC game instead of this, I will lose it. This game may feature the nations most electrifying player (DeSean Jackson) and its most underrated quarterback (Dennis Dixon).

#5 West Virginia at #18 USF: Matt Grothe of South Florida is also in the conversation with Dixon for most underrated QB. In fact, Dixon, Grothe, and WVU's Pat White are three of only six quarterbacks in the country without a pick.

My game:
Okay, so I'm a homer, and I'm more of a homer for UMass than I am for any other team I've ever rooted for. That being said, I think Saturday could be the day. UMass has played eight division 1-A opponents in its history, and has lost eight times. However, they play just a little better each time around. Last season, the Minutemen traveled to Navy, and a late fumble by Matt Lawrence cost them dearly in a 21-20 loss to the Midshipmen. Navy went on to finish the regular season 9-3.
This year, Lawrence is our go to guy. Think he's hungry for redemption? I'd say so. Now the obvious counter-argument is, "You got BC at a baaaaad time". Well, maybe so, but I wouldn't want it any other way. The #11/12 team in 1-A vs. the #2/2 team in 1-AA. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but there was a similar matchup almost four weeks ago at the most famed stadium in college football (sans Rose Bowl). Yeah... let me refresh your memory.
So this weekend, I'll be in Chestnut Hill, section PP, wearing the maroon #84. I'll be there not to see my school get cremated by BC. I'll be there to see them pull off the biggest win in school history, including the win over Adrian Peterson's Georgia Southern team in the 1998 National Championship Game. I'll be there to see UMass beat a school from the flashy ACC, carrying 85 scholarship players to our 63. I'll be there to see what no one in America is predicting. Go ahead, read the previews. "Boston College's next three opponents are UMass, Bowling Green and Notre Dame. Look for BC to start 7-0." Guess what, we aren't Bowling Green, who struggled with Temple. We aren't Notre Dame, who have been outscored about 1,000 to 3 this year. We are UMass, and we have a good football team.

That's what I'm looking for.

Go U.

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