Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Who lives up to da hype? Halo 3 and BC

Okay, so a few games have come out in the past couple months that look totally awesome. But seriously, if you've played through the Halo series, and you can tell me that anything tops Halo 3, I might smack you in the mouth. That isn't to say Halo 3 is the best, but rather that I am opinionated, and I love a good franchise. Speaking of which, I still have not yet played Metroid Prime 3: Corruption yet, and that definitely looks awesome. So who knows, maybe I'm totally wrong. My roommate Matt claims that BioShock is better than Halo 3. Matt doesn't get it. But enough about video games, there are more important things to discuss.
How about them Stanford Cardinal! 40 point underdogs to USC in a game that somehow wasn't picked up by ESPN or FSN (sliding to VS.) and they pull off the upset. Unbelievable. Jim Harbaugh (who took some shots at Pete Carroll prior to the season) has plenty to squawk about now. And you know what the amazing thing is? USC's loss might not have even been the worst one in LA on Saturday night! That's right, the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish beat the totally inept Bruins, spoiling the possibility of ND going 0-8 to start the year. Dear UCLA: Fuck yourselves. If they go 8-4, I hope they opt out of bowl consideration. You don't deserve it when you play as inconsistently as they do.
Andre Woodson blew it against South Carolina (three HUGE turnovers), John David Booty threw four picks, and Ray Rice's Knights got up-ended again. DeSean Jackson and Matt Ryan are officially the favorites for the Heisman going into the second half of the regular season. Speaking of which, how crazy is it that a lot of schools are already six games in. Seems like the season just started.And speaking of Matt Ryan, the BC Screaming Golden Eagles are now #4 in the polls, which is exactly where UMass is in 1-AA. Explain this to me. UMass is undefeated in 1-AA, and in their only game against a 1-A team, they played a national championship contender tight for four quarters. We dropped to fourth. I know I ranted about this already, but it pisses me off.
Also, has a Texas vs Oklahoma game ever been as overlooked as the one this past weekend? Seriously. And on an even more bonkers note, it isn't OU and Texas atop the Big XII... but Kansas and Missouri! And the Big East? Not Louisville and West Virginia, but South Florida and Cincinnati! What the hell is going on?
UMass. 2007 National Champions.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#4 UMass... Go Figure

Alright, so UMass went to BC (ranked #11/#12) and played one hell of a game. Actually, they played one hell of a half. At intermission, BC led 17-0, which was more or less what most people had been expecting. What they hadn't been expecting was for UMass, despite a ridiculous number of penalties and one very questionable overturned call, to make it a ball game in the second half. After two Liam Coen touchdown passes - one a bomb to Rasheed Rancher, the next a quick slant to Jeremy Horne who went all Dexter Jackson on the BC defense - UMass was down 17-14 and the Amherst faithful got the chance to make some noise. But after a long, penalty-aided drive by BC ended with a TD run by Andre Calender, and Coen went out with a knee injury, UMass finished themselves off. A drop on third down by Rancher, and a missed field goal by Chris Koepplin (his first of the year I might add, albeit from 46 yards) were the nail in the coffin. BC won 24-14.

In past years, this would have meant one thing: Absolute scrutiny for the top 15 team, and praise for the team from the lower division for having such a hard fought game. This year, what happens? BC shoots up to #7 in the polls (with help from all those above them who lost), and UMass - get this - FALLS from #2 in 1-AA to #4! They've put up over 30 on every 1-AA team they've played, and handled BC as well as any 1-A team all year, and they're at risk of losing home field for the 1-AA playoffs!

This is ridiculous. I love college football, but if we're judging everyone evenly, then lets even out the money, even out the schedules, and call everyone a winner. Of course, no one wants to do that, so then we move on to plan B. What is plan B?

UMass moves to the bowl subdivision. Otherwise it's going to be same-old same-old. No respect, I tell ya.

PS: How good is your new Heisman frontrunner, DeSean Jackson?