Tuesday, October 2, 2007

#4 UMass... Go Figure

Alright, so UMass went to BC (ranked #11/#12) and played one hell of a game. Actually, they played one hell of a half. At intermission, BC led 17-0, which was more or less what most people had been expecting. What they hadn't been expecting was for UMass, despite a ridiculous number of penalties and one very questionable overturned call, to make it a ball game in the second half. After two Liam Coen touchdown passes - one a bomb to Rasheed Rancher, the next a quick slant to Jeremy Horne who went all Dexter Jackson on the BC defense - UMass was down 17-14 and the Amherst faithful got the chance to make some noise. But after a long, penalty-aided drive by BC ended with a TD run by Andre Calender, and Coen went out with a knee injury, UMass finished themselves off. A drop on third down by Rancher, and a missed field goal by Chris Koepplin (his first of the year I might add, albeit from 46 yards) were the nail in the coffin. BC won 24-14.

In past years, this would have meant one thing: Absolute scrutiny for the top 15 team, and praise for the team from the lower division for having such a hard fought game. This year, what happens? BC shoots up to #7 in the polls (with help from all those above them who lost), and UMass - get this - FALLS from #2 in 1-AA to #4! They've put up over 30 on every 1-AA team they've played, and handled BC as well as any 1-A team all year, and they're at risk of losing home field for the 1-AA playoffs!

This is ridiculous. I love college football, but if we're judging everyone evenly, then lets even out the money, even out the schedules, and call everyone a winner. Of course, no one wants to do that, so then we move on to plan B. What is plan B?

UMass moves to the bowl subdivision. Otherwise it's going to be same-old same-old. No respect, I tell ya.

PS: How good is your new Heisman frontrunner, DeSean Jackson?

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