Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Several months ago I wrote an entry explaining ten ways college football could be improved. One of the selections I had was to keep the Rose Bowl a Pac 10 vs. Big Ten game. After the BCS selection show, I realize that I was as wrong as can be. The committee chose Pac 10 champ Southern Cal (as they should have) and Big Ten runner-up Illinois. Here's where this creates a problem: Teams ahead of Illinois, including the same Missouri team that beat the Illini this year, are going to non-BCS games with about a tenth the payout. The thing is, this year there was virtually no chance for the system to get anything right. For example, how do you determine that an SEC school with two losses (LSU) should be in the national title game, playing in their home state no less, while another SEC school with a nearly identical resume (UGA) goes to the Sugar Bowl to play the joke of the year?
And don't give me the old "but Hawai'i is the only school in the country without a loss!" nonsense. I'll put my life savings on the Dawgs in that game. This isn't last year's Boise State, this is a team with an arrogant coach and an overrated system-quarterback.
Anyway, there are a number of new problems that need to be addressed after seeing what happened with the BCS this year. First of all, the Big Ten can no longer play this "we can't play after mid-November! It's tradition!" game. Get the top two teams in the conference on a neutral field and force teams like Ohio State to validate what they've accomplished this year. Either that, or don't screw Missouri for having a 13 game season.
Consider this: The school Ohio State would probably have had to play in a Big Ten title game is Illinois. Illinois is the only school who beat the Bucks in the regular season, just like Missouri had their only regular season loss come to Oklahoma before their San Antonio rematch. It's pretty stupid that one team had to play the team that handed them their only defeat for a second time, while Ohio State got to chill out with their feet up.
Then again, what do I care? The real National Championship game is in two days in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Go App State.

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