Sunday, August 24, 2008

UMass falls to #102. Balls.

For some inexplicable reason, I let this get to me. Rankings have some absurd impact on me and I just can't begin to figure why. It upsets me that UMass never broke the Top 25 in hoops while I was a student, it drove me batty when UMass fell from #2 in the football polls after losing at Boston College last year, and it makes me see red to read that UMass has dropped from the top 100 schools in the country according to US News. I have no idea what validates these rankings, but maybe it's the fact that people such as myself and countless local journalists take them so seriously. Nonetheless, for UMass to go up, someone else would have to go down, and then a different group of alums are just as annoyed as I am now. Oh well, Princeton Review rankings come out soon, so we'll keep an eye out for those.
#1 Harvard
#2 Princeton
#3 Yale
#T4 Stanford
#T6 Cal Tech
#T6 Penn
#T8 Columbia
#T8 Duke
#T8 Chicago
It's the same top ten as a year ago with very little fluctuation amongst the schools. The only notable change is that Harvard and Princeton have once again swapped the top two positions.
#21 UC Berkeley, I still find it baffling that this is as high as the premier public school in America can get.
#51 The U, I just hate that a school known more for the criminal activity of its football program than for the school itself actually has some respectable academic numbers.
#96 Northeastern, If not for Michelle Bonner, I would truly have no respect for this school. But they are apparently better than My State U.

Maybe the reason that U of M is ranked so low is because so many of its graduates are still unemployed... hmmmm, I might want to worry about that before complaining about the accuracy of US News and World Report's college rankings.

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