Sunday, September 7, 2008

A fan's worst nightmare

Right now, somewhere in sunny Southern California, Bill Simmons is writing an article about his feelings on the injury Tom Brady sustained today. Unfortunately, his feelings are going to be the same as those of about three million Patriots fans, regardless of what he says. See, about a year ago, my buddy Matt pointed something out. I was ranting about how useless Simmons has become as a writer, and Matt basically said; "the most annoying thing is that whenever he writes something, it immediately becomes what all of his readers believe". He's right. Most Simmons fans are actually sheep who regurgitate whatever he writes.
So anyway, before all of New England says either "this is no big deal", or "this is the worst thing ever", I thought I'd give my own two cents on the issue.
First of all: I didn't like the hit. I don't know what Bernard Pollard was trying to do, but he wasn't going to sack Brady, and he was on the ground, so the likelihood of anything good coming of the hit was pretty much zero. I'm not saying Pollard is a dirty player, and had Morris done a better job in pass protection, it might be a moot point. Just saying it wasn't as clean as Dan Dierdorf seemed to believe.
As far as moving forward, I'm going on the assumption that the reports about the injury being season-ending are true. Matt Cassell came in and frankly did a nice job controlling the game. What does that mean? It means he didn't turn the ball over, he made a few plays with his arm as well as his legs, and he won the game. I think it's a virtual certainty that Cassell will be starting next week. However, there are some questions about what will happen next. Reports are that Chris Simms will be coming up to Foxboro for a physical this week and should soon be a Patriot. Ugh, what a disaster. Are we seriously considering having Chris Simms play quarterback for the New England Patriots? The kid who only got to play at Texas, over the more effective Major Applewhite, because his name was Chris Simms? The kid who couldn't beat Oklahoma? The kid who hasn't started more than ten games in a season? The kid who has never won a playoff game? I mean, isn't it better to start someone who is unproven (though looked good this week and knows the offense) as opposed to someone who is proven as someone incapable of winning big games? Come on. The kid's best known career highlight was a pick-six in college. Need me to refresh your memory?
Anyway, my hope is that Matt Cassell is the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. No one is going to replace Tom Brady, that's obvious. But Cassell has been around this team for three-plus years now, and he's the best prepared to take the reins of this offense. Chris Simms can go do color commentary for high school games in Texarkana.

Also, quick props to East Carolina for quickly becoming this season's media darling, and deservedly so. Other team's of note improving to 2-0: BYU on a terrible call, UNH with another FCS win over a BCS school, UConn, and of course UMass.

Quick self-promotion: My search for permanent employment now has a home. It's pretty amateur, but such are my abilities with UNIX and Dreamweaver.

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