Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday update

Just a few quick items today. First of all, someone has put a clip of the police brutality at ECU on YouTube. This shows one of the two really bad parts I saw on ESPN, which is the totally intense throwdown, but it doesn't include a different cop repeatedly punching a student (possibly in the head) who is laying on the ground. Nice job. This is why law enforcement has gone from a respectable field to one that is on par with prostitution.
This reminds me: Be sure to check out the work of Grant Cerulo, a friend and old classmate of mine at UMass who is currently working in New York. He became famous in UMass circles for his video game "Riot UMass" following the Red Sox riots of 2004, and has gone on to do some other very neat work.
And on a personal note: How can a pair of $150 headphones have such a simple frigging flaw that never gets dealt with? The Bose Triport headphones are absolutely wonderful. They cancel out most noise and sound terrific. However, the plastic just above the earpieces is very flimsy and breaks. I got a pair for Christmas a few years ago and they broke. I was able to get a new pair under warranty, which also broke. Finally the third pair bit the dust in the exact same way. This time, rather than bugging the company about it, I've gone with the superglue route. Still, pain in the arse.

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