Saturday, September 13, 2008

Southern Cal > Ohio State... and Ohio State < an arm pit hair follicle

There are very few chances I get to enjoy myself like this, but what USC did to Ohio State tonight was just delightful. The Trojans appeared to be on a totally different level than the Bucks. This is the third consecutive year that a team with great speed has made OSU look totally incompetent. We're talking top-10 vs. FCS type dominance. Man. USC didn't look this good against Idaho last year (or two years ago... whenever they played). But they made it happen tonight.

In other interesting games, South Carolina was the latest in the "STOP TRYING TO STRETCH THE BALL OVER THE GOAL LINE WHEN IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN" club, joining Oregon, Oregon State, and several other teams in the past year. And the crazy thing is that UGA's 14-7 win was a high-scoring affair compared to another SEC battle today. Mississippi State must have joined a very small group of teams today when they held Auburn to three points AND got scoring help from their defense AND lost. Yup, the last part is correct -- they lost. 3-2, to Auburn. I love coach Croom, but he went 7-5 last year with nothing but defense. He'll need to find people who can play offense if he wants to get to the 10-win territory.
But anyway, I'm getting back to this great Wisconsin-Fresno State game. A weekend recap should be up tomorrow or Monday.

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