Monday, September 15, 2008

Taking the eggs out of the basket

First of all, big, BIG ups to Carlos Zambrano for no-hitting the Astros last night in Milwaukee. Sure, the 'Stros can continue to bitch about how these games shouldn't be played in a venue that is so accessible to Cubs fans, but they haven't even shown up for these games. Today, Ted Lilly took a no-no for the Cubbies into the seventh. With the Astros losing back-to-back, and Milwaukee reeling, It appears as though the National League wild card is going to be Philadelphia's to lose. That is, of course, assuming the Mets can hang on to the east.
As for the American League, it was nice to see the Red Sox show some life in Tampa tonight, opening up a can of you-know-what on Scott Kazmir (who looked just awful). The Sox were 0-6 in the Trop this year before tonight. I'm still worried when Dice-K goes out and needs to throw this many pitches to get through innings.
Of course, I'm only bantering about baseball because of how badly the weekend went in football. Sure, the Patriots are 2-0 and USC thumped Ohio State, but that's basically where the happy news ends. UMass (#3/#5 entering the weekend) got absolutely housed at James Madison and have now given up 94 points in two weeks entering next week's showdown with Texas Tech (#10/11 in the bowl subdivision). If Tech, which had nearly 700 passing yards against SMU this weekend, is firing on all cylinders, they could easily hang 60 on the Minutemen.
As for the NFL, my picks to play for the Super Bowl aren't looking so hot right now either. Of course the Patriots were my pick to win it at the beginning of the year, but in the "I shouldn't pick them because them I'm probably being a homer" world, my secondary choice from the AFC is the Pittsburgh Steelers. While they've played well for two weeks, my NFC choice has not. Minnesota couldn't convert any of their drives into touchdowns and blew several chances to put the game on ice this weekend against the Colts.
Game of the weekend was probably the Monday Nighter between Philly and Dallas. Something tells me that these will look like the two best teams in the NFC in November, but neither will make the Super Bowl. Other than that, it's good to see some points being scored (sans Patriots-Jets).

Huge games this week for the Red Sox in Tampa and Toronto. Stay tuned.

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