Sunday, September 21, 2008

That dumb ad campaign

I recently wrote about a really awful ad campaign for Buffalo Wild Wings. Here's one example of the fans stabbing their team in the back. If I find the other I'll post it.
There is another current ad campaign that may challenge BWW for being total nonsense. It's Microsoft's series of ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. However, I'll say the verdict is still out, because I have a feeling they're going somewhere with this. Plus, they just came out with an ad countering the "I'm a Mac & I'm a PC" ads which is a pretty good response.
In the meantime, how about them Miami Dolphins. I'm still trying to figure out if the offense they ran with Ronnie Brown in the shotgun was a zone-read, sort of like what West Virginia runs, where he has the option to hand it to Ricky Williams coming around, or if where Brown goes with the ball is already determined when they break the huddle. Either way, it was very cool, and he scorched us.

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