Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The point of no return

In the past two weeks I've really been pushed over the edge. I graduated in May with basically the same degree from a better institution than Sarah Palin, yet while she somehow has spent the 20 years since her graduation working her way to becoming a vice presidential candidate, I have spent the five months since mine receiving rejection letters from potential employers. I'm not being especially greedy, applying for gigs I'm underqualified for. These are entry level jobs, most of them in sports media relations, though lately I've been branching out a bit. I really hit a breaking point a few days ago when I got a call from a potential employer who I'd interviewed with (driving over 500 miles round trip to do so) earlier this month for a position that would pay me a $10,000 stipend for the year with no help with housing, life insurance, etc. In other words, this company was going to have me do probably about 60 hours of work per week, yet compensate me in an amount that would keep me below the poverty line, and I was still strongly considering taking it. Yet to my surprise, there was a much more qualified candidate. Someone much more qualified, meaning they'd probably already worked in an SID's office for a year and gotten their BA in communications or sports management or something along those lines, was going to get paid ten grand to keep statistics at D3 women's tennis matches. What is wrong with this picture?

Yeah, I'm pissed. Fuck it. Vote Obama, please. The cat has an outside chance of getting us some jobs back. Otherwise I'm going to have to join the military, and I don't especially want to do that.

Anyway, on to the recent issues in the world. The Red Sox blew it in Game 7 against the Rays, though I maintain that they really blew the series in Game 2. That sets up a pretty odd matchup in the fall classic between Philly and Tampa. Both teams have likable players (J-Roll, Ryan Strikeout Howard, Shane Victorino, BJ Upton, Longoria), likable managers, and not-so-good ballparks. Philly gets the overall nod because their fans aren't as bad as Tampa's, and The Bank isn't nearly as bad as The Trop. However, the Rays will probably win, because they play in the AL, and the AL is the NL's daddy.

College football has a couple top 10 matchups this weekend. #1 Texas and #6 Oklahoma State. Mike Gundy is still OK State's coach. Texas by three touchdowns. And #3 Penn State vs. #9 Ohio State. Please, for the love of God, Penn State, win this game. If you don't, people are going to say "Ohio State is BACK", and they will meander their way up to #2 by late November and find themselves in the BCS Championship Game. And they will lose to Alabama or Texas or Florida (again) or USC (again). And it will be 42-17. Please Penn State. Don't let that happen.

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