Thursday, October 9, 2008

What do Dunkin Donuts and Audi have in common?

They both have totally unoriginal advertising ideas. Beyond that, they steal from the same place. I mentioned in an earlier post how severely Audi ripped off Sigur Ros in their recent A4 spot. Now, Dunkin Donuts has done the same thing, taking the visual component of the Glosoli music video and claiming it as their own. Dunks had a good stretch of ads in recent years when they had a deal with They Might Be Giants, but now that they're back on their own, it appears that any originality is out of the question.

Sigur Ros, Glosoli:

Dunkin' Donuts, Uphill Battle:

Pretty blatant if you ask me, but then again I get easily excited over these things. And believe me, I appreciate good advertising, so long as it's creative as opposed to larcenous.

On a different topic, I'm sure everyone by now has seen at least some of the Vice Presidential debate from last week, as well as the SNL skit that followed. Can these campaigns just continue forever and ever? I know we're in a true economic crisis, and at war, and have plenty of unresolved social issues -- but really, isn't watching Tina Fey as Sarah Palin totally worth postponing the election?
Eh - maybe not.
Oh, and congrats to Vanderbilt for knocking off Auburn to improve the smart kids of the Big Ten and SEC to 10-0! Unheard of. Unfortunately, I see it ending this week with Michigan State beating Northwestern. NU is good, and could win ten games, but Javon Ringer is a BEAST. Guy will carry the ball 40 times a game, put up 200 yards and you won't hear a peep out of him. Reminds me of another running back who recently came out of that area, Chris Perry. Unfortunately, every carry they force on Ringer now is one off the end of his career, which means he's probably hurting the longevity of his NFL career. However, I don't think Javon really cares about that. His team has Rose Bowl aspirations, and he holds the key.
Early Heisman picks:
#1 Javon Ringer RB Michigan State
#2 Chase Daniel QB Missouri
#3 Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
#4 Daryll Clark QB Penn State
No Tebow, no Moreno, and absolutely NO Max Hall. I want the guys who have produced, not the guys gettin' the hype. When Hall beats a real opponent, we'll talk... Oh wait, BYU doesn't play anybody. And don't say UCLA, Washington or Utah count. No way.
I already see it coming: The 2009 Orange Bowl -- Clemson 38 BYU 21. Just remember Hawai'i, everyone. Remember Hawai'i.

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