Monday, November 24, 2008

The birthplace of Killer Slacks

Most of my friends have no idea where the name of this blog originated. The truth is, it is the work of a fairly brilliant friend of mine, George Anognostakos. George and I worked together to write, direct, produce and edit a short film a few years ago called "The Alter Ego". It was part of the UMass Film Studies program, and it actually got nominated for an award (The Michael S. Roif Award in Film Studies). While coming up with a few absurd lines which appear in the middle of the film, George threw out "killer slacks broseph". And so the name was born. After about a year and a half, I've finally uploaded the film on YouTube. So, here it is, where Killer Slacks humbly began:
The Alter Ego Part 1

The Alter Ego Part 2

I'll post some of George's other work soon. Hope you enjoyed the film.
Tonight from Amherst: Jacksonville State 75 UMass 74... Seriously.

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