Sunday, November 2, 2008

The home stretch

People, the biggest election in this country in a long time is in two days. If you didn't register to vote: You suck. If you did but aren't going to vote: You suck. If you did but plan on voting for Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, Woody Hayes, Susan B. Anthony, Geraldo Rivera, Keith Olberman, Tony Kornheiser, Nick Saban, or Stephen Colbert as a write-in: You suck. If you're going to vote for John McCain... well... you know.
In all seriousness, I think that John Cleese has hit the nail on the head here. Some would argue that it's none of his business as a Brit to endorse one candidate or the other, but I disagree. After all, if the republicans piss off Britain, who do they have left to alienate?
Mr. Cleese?

Guy knows what he's talking about. Plus, I mean, come on. He's John Cleese.
So I guess it's fairly evident where I stand here. But politics aren't my thing, so moving on to the weekend.
Michael Crabtree officially became the front runner for my Heisman Vote last night. Of course, I don't have a Heisman vote, but if I did, he'd be up there, even ahead of his quarterback, who reminds me way too much of Colt Brennan, only he has a great offensive line and can throw to Michael Crabtree. While Tech did impress me in their win, I don't agree with the AP voters putting them ahead of Penn State. The best team Tech has beaten on the road is Kansas. The best team Penn State has beaten on the road is Ohio State. That's a big difference. Winning at home in the biggest game in school history is impressive, but let's be honest, the 'Horns almost definitely win that game at a neutral site. Fortunately, we get another month to sort this thing out (or create an even bigger mess).
Other awesome, crooked scores from the weekend:
#2 Appalachian State 70 #3 Wofford 24
#15 Massachusetts 49 Rhode Island 0
FBS #4 Oklahoma 62 Nebraska 21
Also, a quick note on non-BCS conference teams trying to crash the party: Assuming Boise State wins out, I have no beef with them getting to a BCS game. I certainly imagine that they'll be able to play with whoever wins the ACC. And assuming that the winner of the Utah-TCU game also wins out, I'm also fine with that team getting in, and I'm sure they'll be able to compete with the champions of the Big East, even though TCU already has a loss (at Oklahoma). Meanwhile, there is still one other unbeaten school out there: Ball State. Ball State cannot join the party, because Ball State plays in the MAC. This means that they play nobody in their conference schedule, and let's just look at their nonconference wins: Navy, Indiana (Big Ten doormat), Northeastern (FCS) and Western Kentucky (transitioning from FCS to FBS). Sorry, Ball State, but even though ESPN is carrying your next four games on the family of networks, the fact that those games are on two Tuesdays and two Wednesdays says everything that needs to be said.
Lastly, congrats to James Ihedigbo - known largely in UMass circles as J Diggs - for being activated to the New York Jets' active roster this week. When was Diggs' first game action? Opening kickoff, as he played special teams throughout, but hopefully gets some time at safety in the near future. Making Amherst proud.

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