Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Thoughts

The title was right, that's all this is. Bullets from here on out:

- Mike Teel threw three TDs in his first seven games. Huge disappointment, right? Fortunately, college football seasons are now twelve games, and Teel threw 20 TDs in his final five games as a college player.

- ESPN keeps joking about how tonight's Oklahoma-USC basketball matchup would be a dream game in the BCS... No it wouldn't... Remember the last time we thought these two teams were great? 2004? Heisman winner Jason White and Adrian Peterson against Heisman winner Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush? Remmeber that? Does 55-19 ring a bell? Yeah.

- Why is Boise State paying for what Hawaii did in 2007 instead of being rewarded for what they did in 2006? When the BCS announces in two days that Ohio State is getting the 10th spot instead of the Broncos, I'm going to jumpkick the next baby that I see.

- Once known for playing the hardest schedule in the nation annually, Notre Dame's 2009 slate includes Nevada, both Washington schools, and UConn, not to mention their perennial opponents who suck (Michigan, Purdue, Stanford and Navy)

- Dustin Pedroia's new deal signed this week pays him an average of 6.7 million dollars a year. Edgar Renteria's pays him 9 million. Something's wrong here.

- North Carolina is so good that Notre Dame lost to them by 15 and actually moved up one spot in the polls.

- Wayman Tisdale has gone through hell in the past couple years and no one knew about it until ESPN wrote a story this week. Please read it. It's actually pretty moving.

- 45-35.

- Plaxico Burress had a handgun in the waistband of his sweatpants in a nightclub. While walking into the VIP of said club, his gun slipped out of his waistband, into his pants. To rectify this problem, Plax grabbed the gun through his pants... what happened next is up for debate. My feeling is that Plax had the safety off because he honestly thought he might need to engage in a firefight. When the gun slipped he grabbed the trigger (obviously by accident) and thus shot his thigh. Jon Stewart had his own theory, that Plax's penis had actually undone the trigger. We may never know. Nonetheless, Mr. Burress shot himself in the thigh. Now he is being charged with numerous things in New York, including carrying a concealed weapon. To this charge, he is expected to enter a plea of 'not guilty'... What?

- Yeah. What?

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